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Sunday, October 2, 2016

windworldcup tony hawks pro skater

 these life vessels can be around the sk8bowldome

windworldcup can be in the new tony hawks pro skater 
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Account; 6897815743
Sk8 & Cr8
Wind World Cup
Noas ark, SelfSustainable, cr8ve, cultural Sk8/Meditation/Yoga girls/Video/Music/Dj/ open and free learning/production center.
WindWorldCups can give info 2

 geo and weather schools

Students For freedom-e
Open project, Open source philosophy
Open and Free 24/7/360d
Noas Ark Floats
Potential sponsors: Airplane companys, Computer companys, Vert Windmill companys, Sk8board companys, timber/bamboo companys, banks, you, etc.

Potential Locations: Best windsurf and surf spots around the world/universe. Amar strandpark, klitmøller, barcelona. La santa lanzarote. Surfers point wa. Baja. Pozo gran canaria. Hookipa hawaii, wellington nz, peru, san fransisco etc.

Dome cover will be made of bioplastic

Sk8 World Cup

When a person points finger, 3 fingers are pointing in.

Hang loose

from little seeds big 3s grow

power in words

Love & Gratitude

more freedome to the people