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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

A complementary stock?

Value speculation is a important part of Any ones life
More info coming Soon.
The good and bad:) Normaly i stock to the good. The Will always exist its a eternal contrast. Dont talk to much about IT or IT Will have to much influence.

Morale and ethics about stock investment
Your money is your aktion
If you kill indirect with your money its equal to killing with your bare hands
There are good stock and bad stocks
And All stocks can change
You stand responsible for the aktion movement og your money
So move vicely

The good stocks for a Better more heaven like future:

Google alphabet
Solar panel ()
Mary Jane ()
Windmills ()
Watermills ()
Online markets n post sale like
Automatik machine Company

The bad stocks for a more hellish like future:
Fossil fuel Companys
Natural gas

More pictures video and info coming Soon😁

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